4 Things to Think About When Becoming Professional Wedding Photographers South Wales

What do you need to know before becoming a wedding photographer?

wedding photographers South WalesThere are many things you need to know before you taste the career of wedding photography. It might not be as beautiful as you thought or as simple as you heard. Or maybe, it’s actually not as scary or hard as you’ve been told about!

Here we’ll show the truth and won’t scare you away with the truth, so enjoy the article filled with things that will get you to think about what really happens to wedding photographers South Wales

The equipment

You need to invest in the equipment right from the moment you start. For starters, you need various lenses to work in different situations. However, if you already know that your first job will only take you for a short photography session at a location you’ve already known, you know what lens to bring.

There is also the lighting equipment that you need to have regardless of where you work. Weather isn’t something that you can be 100% sure about all the time. A reliable flash kit and reflectors are good starts to get the right brightness on your clients’ face.

Make sure to also invest in a good editing software and PC/laptop. You will have to give a professional edit to your pictures. The amount can differ depending on how many you want, but you basically have to edit all the pictures that will end up in the wedding album.

The portfolios

You cannot start without having a single portfolio in wedding photography. Wedding photographers South Wales must start with a decent portfolio like www.kateadamsphotography.com, but you might think that you need work to get those and this is a paradox situation. No, it’s not that complicated, actually.

You can offer to be a wedding photographer for free at a relative’s wedding. You are not obliged to comply with their requests and are allowed to take the pictures at your pace. This is the fastest and best way to get your portfolios and present them to your future clients.

Get insurance

A wedding photographer must always get enough insurance to protect themselves from the possible bad things that have happened to many other photographers before. It’s not a choice to have your camera stolen or lose your memory card. But it’s a choice to whether loss a lot of money out of those incidents because insurance can really protect you from many things.

There are various protections that insurance can give, so take your time to read about them and compare between different insurance companies. Even some wedding venue owners make it a requirement to be insured to work on their premises.

Do only one thing

We know how some wedding photographers South Wales do various things to get more job. So, if they are not having any wedding photography offers, they will take on portrait photography or others. It can be challenging trying to be an exclusive wedding photographer, but it pays well in the long run. Tell your clients that you specialize in it and they will believe in you.

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Learn and Conquer Photography SEO!

photography SEOSo, you think that website is such a complicated thing for a photographer to learn? In fact, you still don’t understand why a photographer has to learn so many IT terms just to get your business running? Well, those questions are asked by many other people who never even thought about it until they are getting serious with it. Blogging on free sites is probably the furthest we’ve all explored.

And now, there is this thing called photography SEO. Without it, our site won’t rank, people won’t come, and it’s basically a house that nobody will ever visit. As scary as it sounds, SEO is actually a friend that you only need to sit and listen for a while too. If we don’t listen to our friends, we’ll never understand them.

SEO helps search engine

When we use search engines like Google or Bing, we expect them to show us optimized results that are able to answer our questions. Not just that, we want them to be reliable, ranked in a way that we won’t have trouble searching for the right place should the first, second or third aren’t really relevant. It shows short descriptions of the site’s content, and show us when the links are advertised by Google.

Just like that, the function of having SEO is to help the engine rank our site properly. There are many things they take into considerations, such as landing page loading time, traffic, and the number of times several words appear in our site. For photographers, it’s probably photography, pictures, and names of things that you frequently take pictures of that to appear often.

Get to know more about what photography SEO is in deeper details at www.photoproseo.com. In fact, you can find services that will help you optimize your photography site there, too!

Pictures to words

For now, search engines operate based on keywords that people type in the search bar. Even when they are looking for pictures, it has to be typed, so that brings us to understand that ‘words’ are the key. But, how do you put pictures into words? It’s not that complicated actually.

If you use WordPress, you can always edit pictures and there are several boxes that you can fill in. That’s how you optimize the pictures in one sense. Type the descriptions of the pictures, use a proper name, and give it a good alt text that is comprehensible in English. Google will show your picture when someone typed the words you used on it.

Get started with blogging!

Some photographers think that everything ends when they finish setting up their site. There’s nothing else to care about and people will come when they look for them. No! People sometimes don’t know who they are looking for and you are not the only photographer that takes pictures of people, animals, landscape, sky, etc. There is a necessity to make your site stand out even though it’s still new.

Blogging is one way to do it. New content has higher chances to pop up on front pages of Google search results. And it may even bring up your site with new keywords that people found you with.

Photography SEO is actually simple and you don’t have to know the mechanic behind everything. Just follow our advice and you’re good to go!

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Staying Natural with Baby Photography

baby photosIt’s easy for baby photos to look foreshadowed by the accessories and people or objects around the baby. It happens pretty often when a photographer or parents want to include so many things in the pictures. With the thought that it may improve the look of the pictures, we didn’t realize that those things are going to make the baby a ‘background’ object!

Stay simple

One principle every baby photographer must remember is to remain as simple as possible. A baby has no way to shine if the objects around him begin to take over the spotlight. A baby is different from adults when we talk about what they can do; none! They can only stay there and remain cute by themselves.

Do not use wallpapers with loud colors, but choose a simple, plain color instead. The same can go with the props that you use, such as the blankets. They can appear in a single plain color, or mixed with one other matching color to complement the look. The baby’s outfit can be something of a slightly different color to contrast the baby’s look against the background and props.

Go with no props!

It doesn’t always have to be a baby and lots of things around him. Taking a picture of a baby just sitting there, looking at you dumbfounded? No problem at all! Every single reaction of the baby is worth capturing for the parents as long as they are well-taken, not blurry and professional.

A professional baby photographer from www.kingshillstudios.co.uk shows several baby photos that did not have props in them. Even with just the baby in their outfit against the background, the parents are already satisfied with them!

Remember as well that props are meant to complement the picture. The parents did not bring the props to take pictures of it, but to see how their baby will look like playing with that. You need to focus that the main subject of the photography is the baby.


A natural picture is almost always the same with proper natural lighting source in the set. Whether you are shooting formally or in a lifestyle mode, you must always remember to find positions that will allow natural light to shine in. That also means you need to be an expert in using reflectors to make sure that you get all necessary parts covered.

Artificial lighting and especially flash are not always convenient or good for the baby. The baby won’t be comfortable if you suddenly light up the flash in front of him and it’s not good for the eyes as well. Although the use of that equipment is sometimes unavoidable. Always remember to use them as your last resort if you think that the room is lacking in light.


This last part is definitely not the least of all things to watch out. We often think that maybe if we can edit more here, it will look better. Baby photos are best when the colors are properly enhanced and letting the look of the baby as it is. That moment when you are in a confusion of whether to edit more or not, that is usually when you need to stop, because there is a part of you that says it’s enough!

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Dinner Rehearsal: What You Need to Know

wedding photographer HampshireMost dinner rehearsals are the fun time you spend with family members right before you begin your new journey. It’s like saying goodbye to your old life together and prepare for the new life you’re about to start. That’s why you invite only important people; family, close friends and… your wedding photographer Hampshire.

Wait, where did that last one come from? Okay, so it’s probably not that big of a surprise. There are photographers who offer additional shooting session for rehearsal time, and you probably ask why. So, let us explain this to you and you will understand how it matters and if you want one or not.

Rehearsal pictures

Why are rehearsal pictures memorable? They are not the real wedding pictures you are going to take and most of the people there won’t be serious. But that’s the point; everyone is chilling together, enjoying some time off. When will you be able to get this time right before your wedding? You and your partner also won’t look as nervous as you will be on your wedding event!

The atmosphere is relaxed and the people are in good mood with good food. It’s such a shame if you just let this moment fly by without taking some great pictures to be included in your wedding album. Your wedding photographer also get to meet the people and can direct some hilarious pictures for you!

Some rehearsal pictures also might not be realized at the actual wedding for some reasons. But you will at least get them in informal outfits. At the same time, your photographer will be able to come up with even better ideas for the pictures after seeing you in person.

People who do

It’s a fact that not every wedding photographer Hampshire think like the photographer from www.danishapple.com. They may think that attending rehearsals is a waste of time; they are better off doing something else that is not repetitive in nature. For those with years of experience, it can be hard to resist the temptation to not attend one.

Others are willing to attend when you are willing to pay more. The reason includes how the pictures from that day will be included in the collection as well. This depends on your taste whether you think it’s worth the extra money. You may also compare it to others who usually include them without having to mention that you will be charged an extra fee for it.

You can actually ask them when you first meet them if they attend wedding rehearsals and whether they will attend yours. All these questions are best asked frankly from the beginning.

If you don’t have one?

Wedding rehearsals are meant for people who have the time, resources and place to do it. Some of you who probably planned your wedding somewhere far or are limited in resources may not be able to do a rehearsal night. In exchange, if you do have a simple dinner done, this does not close the chance of having your wedding photographer Hampshire included!

You can also do a separate visit that only include your wedding photographer. It’s worth the time and effort.

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Why You Should Hire a Photobooth for Your Wedding

hire a photoboothYour wedding date is getting closer and you want to make sure that you are making the right preparation for it. Hire a photobooth if you haven’t. Why you asked? Because you are about to regret not doing it!

Photobooths and 2018

Back then, photobooths were the fancy place where couples would take their romantic pictures together and friends would take squad pictures in. As years go by, people have easier means to take pictures of their very own smartphones. They can even upload it to social media and store thousands of pictures at the same time.

But lately, people are beginning to see the value of printed out pictures! Even you yourself are not excluded from the appeal! Digital pictures and photographs in physical form are different which are reasons why you also plan to make a wedding album on your own. And the pictures from the photobooths may be added into the collection as well!

High picture quality

The photobooths today have upgraded picture quality similar to the ones your smartphones have. In fact, many bears much better quality! The resulting pictures when printed are crystal clear and amazing. You can clearly see the faces of the people in the pictures and probably even the acne you tried to conceal!

The point is that the cameras used for booths these days are of the highest quality. They aren’t your typical crappy, blurry, 3×3 or 4×4 pictures anymore.

New features

To compete with each other, many providers try hard to come up with something their competitors don’t. One of it is the fancy stickers and themes that you can apply to the pictures. And we are happy to tell you that if you hire a photobooth from www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth, that is what you will get!

Now, your pictures will look even livelier than before! After taking the pictures, you can edit by stamping it with cute stickers. You can also use filters to go crazier with the pictures! And there are sure as hell more than enough filters you can play with!

These features make the photobooth similar to how your smartphone cameras work, but this time you get to print them directly.

Additionally, some providers provide you with the props and a butler to help maintain the photobooth. You literally don’t have to do a thing and simply tell them when to open or close the booth.

Improve décor

The photobooths that you see back in the days were eyesores sometimes. This big box right in the middle of the street makes the surrounding looks bad especially when it is not well-maintained. But providers these days make sure that their photobooths will no become an eyesore.

Many come up with unique ideas for setting up their cameras. They don’t have a box; the venue itself becomes the background with the camera placed at the right spot there. Others allow you to decorate the inside and outside of the photobooths to fit in with the party theme. Or you can ask them to decorate it for you! Everything in the place has to match the theme of the party and the photobooth is not excluded.

So, now you get better pictures in an instant, stickers, and themes as well as a butler to take care of the booth. Any reason not to hire a photobooth now?

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Everything About Wedding Albums and Books

Leeds wedding photographerYou probably didn’t know that there are a lot of options for printing your wedding pictures. A professional Leeds wedding photographer usually recommends their clients to print a wedding album. It is usually included in their packages if they want to.

Now, there’s also a cheaper choice available: wedding books. How are they different and most important, which one is a better choice?


In terms of paper, wedding albums are usually accompanied with gloss/matte paper, photo paper or the professional fine art paper. Wedding albums generally use only one side of the paper to print the pictures on. Each page is two pieces of paper glued together or mounted on a cardboard to ensure high durability. An album also can be placed lay-flat as opposed to wedding books.

For wedding books, gloss and matte paper can also be used with the more expensive lay-flat feature or nonlay-flat feature on it. Lay-flat feature refers to the ability to spread the book open, so can enjoy a panoramic style picture that is usually printed across two pages.

Obviously, in terms of paper quality, wedding albums win. Most manufacturers also prefer to use higher-quality materials on wedding albums.


Wedding album covers can come in photo-printed hardcover or true leather cover. The latter is more expensive, obviously, if you use genuine leather. It lasts longer and is immune to a lot of damages that come with time. A wedding album with true leather is designed for a long-lasting effect that can extend to your future generations.

This is also why a Leeds wedding photographer from www.kmattssonphotography.com likes to suggest her clients do so. It’s always worth it to print your wedding pictures in high-quality materials because when are you going to print it again?

A wedding book’s most high-quality cover material is leatherette which is similar but of lower grade from true leather. You can also use softcover or photo-printed hardcover for your wedding book. Hardcover is the second most durable material to use.


As for binding, we don’t want to delve too deep into how album’s and book’s binding are done. We’ll explain in the easiest possible way for you.

A wedding album is handcrafted from scratch. You never see people mass produce albums, because each one is always different. The size of the binding has to fit the number of cardboards or photo papers that are slipped in. You’d say that a machine’s precision cannot be matched, but a human’s touch always makes everything better.

As for wedding books, they are often machine printed and the most recent technology made use of a stack of pictures with the cover assembled automatically within the machine. There’s a lack of human touch, but the precision is usually good. On the other hand, it’s commonly done so because each page isn’t mounted on a cardboard, making them much thinner and easier to work with.


You can see from all the explanations why a wedding album is typically the more expensive but also preferred choice. A wedding album is a better choice as recommended by your Leeds wedding photographer. But if you’re tight in budget, you can always consider a wedding book as your alternative.

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Destination Wedding Guide: Perfect in One Shot

photographer HampshirePlanning your dream wedding in a different country is surely big. It calls for a careful planning and selection of vendors. You need to be especially careful with who you choose to hire as your wedding photographer Hampshire.

Hiring someone close to you is usually a favorable situation and here’s your quick guide to get it right.

Analyzing the photographer

You need to be careful when you choose your photographer. People with experience in shooting in different countries is of course preferred. If that photographer finds delight in shooting abroad, he’s always a better candidate to be brought.

The photographer should also be used to shoot in the weather that will most probably take place in the country. A tropical country, for example, has the tendency of the sun shining throughout the day. Some regions in Hokkaido, Japan tend to snow for a really long time and it gets dark easily.

What is the photographer’s field of expertise? Usually, shooting abroad would mean that you also want to take in all the views from that place. You’ll need a photographer that has no problem with doing landscape photography a lot.

Begin planning years ahead

Destination wedding happens if you can follow the regulations of conducting the ceremony there. It may involve getting a special type of visas or having to stay for a certain period of time before and after the marriage. If you can work this out early, it will also prove to be easy to tell your photographer that you’re already sure about it.

Remember that the photographer has to set aside a separate time just to attend your wedding out there, so your plan has to be at least 95% happening before you tell your photographer about it. There’s also the fact that they can be booked by other people if he’s a professional photographer Hampshire like www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk.

Let the photographer arrive early

Don’t let the photographer arrive the day before the wedding. If possible, have the photographer at least 2 days ahead of the event. Let him the chance to scout and test shoot there. Preparation is key if you want your photographer to do this perfectly.

Tell your photographer on any special event that will happen then. If your photographer is prepared for it, there’s less chance for him to mess up. It would be a much better idea if you can accompany the photographer together to the site to try taking some couple pictures.

Count in the extra budget

As you bring your photographer there, be reminded to also count in the extra lodging and travel fee. Don’t forget that your photographer will also have to eat there, so consider giving extra fee and include him in the wedding dinner. Tipping would also be a great idea at the end of the wedding day.

Some photographers are okay with not being paid with their dining fee as. This topic is pretty liberal, so it depends on whether or not you want to pay him. On the other hand, you can spend a meal or two with the photographer Hampshire to discuss more the wedding preparations.

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Why Uninsured Photographers Are Dangerous!

wedding photography EdinburghThe last thing you want to do is to purposely invite a trouble into your wedding party. That’s exactly what you’d be doing if you hire wedding photography Edinburgh with no insurance!

Accidents happen and it can happen to all of us. How big is the probability for an antique to break at your wedding venue, causing thousands of dollars penalty? Small, but we can both agree that we will not stand-by and think that, “Nah, it won’t happen to me.”

Easy claiming

An insured photographer can easily claim and pay for any kind of damage that happens because of him. Not like he purposely breaks that vase or stumbles on an expensive, miniature statue! Or that anyone will know that a guest is going to trip on the photographer’s tripod and break his elbow.

These are all things that we can never guess will happen. Moreover, in a once in a lifetime event like a wedding! You have one chance to make it right and it also takes only one accident to ruin the whole day.

If your photographer has a proof of insurance, the venue owner will usually ask to be shown that and won’t make much of problem during the wedding. Since he’s confident that the photographer is insured and is able to pay for the necessary damages, no problem is too big to ruin the day.

You can trust him

Insurance for photographers isn’t cheap. From liability to property and employees’ insurance, it can cost a couple hundreds of dollars a year. However, it protects a lot of things revolving their business as a photographer.

www.andrewweild.com says that it’s like paying the fee to remain a professional in selling his wedding photography Edinburgh service. They won’t admit it, but it’s almost like something that anyone who cares about their career would do.

While most of the insurance factors don’t involve you, you know how important it is for a photographer. If a photographer is willing enough to take out an insurance, it’s a good sign of just how much he cares about the job. A person’s seriousness can be shown from how they treat their job.

The uninsured photographer can lose his camera and won’t be able to shoot at your venue because of that! Or even worse, he can lose his camera on your wedding day and a dispute can arise on how you’ve invited dangerous guests, which is just the last thing you want to happen.

Easy coordination

While you might have chosen the venue before hiring the photographer, it’s a good thing to know your photographer is insured in this case. It’s because many wedding venue owners are only accepting insured photographers to protect themselves. You can see that even venue owners are taking this fact seriously.

On the other hand, if you need to find a reliable photographer that is familiar with the place, those venues also like to promote trusted vendors for their clients. These people are usually what the venue needs; skillful, professional, insured and familiar.

When you book your wedding photography Edinburgh, it’s true that skills and creativity of the photographer are important. But above that all, safety and precautions against the possible problems are more important for your wedding day.

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4 Important Things to Know about Wedding Videos

wedding videographer HampshireWe have top 4 important things that couples need to know about their wedding videos. Many couples plan and hire their wedding videographer Hampshire without much knowledge of it. It’s normal as not everybody is equally skilled about videos, but that doesn’t mean you should never know.

Knowing these things can help you avoid the possible disappointments from when you watch it for the first time.

Sound quality

In a wedding video, one of the biggest hindrances is sound. On many occasions, videographers are faced with a problem when they are unable to grab better sound recording as they can’t plug into the DJ’s equipment or not having mic themselves. To know if your videographer has this, you can watch their portfolio or ask if they have the necessary mic equipment to record the sound.

As a test, you can ask to have them record a little of your wedding rehearsal and watch it before the wedding day.

Get someone professional

Don’t let an amateur handle such an important job on your special day. Wedding videos can’t exactly be replicated and you will only have one chance to record it. It’s up to the guy you trust to do the job. New guy can’t help it if they do poorly or even miss important moments. You don’t want to be disappointed either but you reap what you sow.

Cheap videographers should also be avoided. The problem with them is that they don’t and won’t care about your video as long as it has what can be thought as ‘mandatory’. But you know that you’re not hiring a videographer just to get some obvious footage that could be downloaded from any Instagram posts or stories.

Book early

And to find a professional, you need to book early. A lot of videographers are booked months and even years ahead. While there might be some professionals that you’ve laid your eyes on, the longer you wait, the less is your chance to be able to hire them. For example, www.pedroportela.co.uk mentions that one has to book their wedding videographer Hampshire as early as a year ahead to be perfectly safe.

Check the contract

You obviously should establish a contract with the videographer. It needs to list all important points regarding the work that you’re paying for. Pay attention to the hours, coverage, who the videographer will be, cost, extra fees, insurance, and how long the video will be made available. One important thing that should be in there is the action that one must take in the case that the videographer isn’t available.

Before you sign the contract, take your time to read and understand the content. Don’t feel rushed or even pressured to sign it. As long as you don’t understand something, ask until you can understand and fully agree with it. If you still have something you want to be changed, negotiate.

And thus, are the 4 things that couples need to know before they hire a wedding videographer Hampshire. Such knowledge will help you to plan your wedding videos early, accordingly and finally get the video that you will really love and cherish for a long time.

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Wedding Photography Fine Print: Did you Read It?

Wwedding photographer Bristolhat is the most important thing when booking a wedding photographer Bristol? It’s the contract. We know that there are a lot of couples out there who couldn’t be bothered with reading the fine print of their contract with their photographer. Some went on fine, but there are also some who regretted their choices and wished could’ve negotiated and even changed their photographers.

There are a lot of issues that had to be referred to the fine contract as the base to determine what is the right action to take. However, if you never read and was never prepared for it, you’ll definitely lose a lot.

You don’t get to complain

There are some wedding photographers who actually don’t let their clients complain about them. It’s a cruel world after all because people can either believe and share the words or retaliate and bully the one who posted it. Some wedding photographers fear the effect of negative reviews on their work.

Read the contract carefully before you signed it. This part can be written in a way that makes you wonder if it’s okay. Typically, you can relate to the photographer and explain that you will promise to only give a truthful rating. Understanding each other can prevent such things from being written on the contract.

However, if a legal issue is to come, the court will most probably favor you as such statements on the contract prevent the freedom of speech that every person in the country has.

We’re fortunate that there’s a reliable wedding photographer Bristol that won’t let such ridiculous thing be written on the contract and you can check him out at this site: duncanmeinphotography.co.uk.

You didn’t own the pictures

Don’t be surprised when your photographer tells you that these pictures aren’t yours and you’re not allowed to free post them online. The truth is that many photographers don’t give the copyrights of the pictures to their clients due to credit issues. These photographers want people to know that those pictures are their works, but there are many who ‘forgot’ to credit them.

What happens then, they don’t get the exposure they could’ve got. According to the regulations, the owner of a picture is the person who first snapped it, so this isn’t wrong. What you need to do next is to talk with your photographer about this and see what you can do. Some sell the copyrights, others will provide you with low-res pictures for online posting. Those are better than getting sued for copyright issues.

It was someone else that came

This is a rare occurrence but it can happen. At first, you met the main photographer and had talked to a length about the wedding. You came to an agreement and signed the contract, thinking that this person will come to your wedding.

Well, nope, he sent his assistant and someone else actually came to take the pictures. It’d be a chaos trying to force the main photographer to come and not to mention you actually signed and agree to the terms. It’d be hard to say that he lied.

Always be careful when you’re about to sign a contract. You never know what’s in there and you don’t want to have to deal legally with your wedding photographer Bristol.

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Baby Photography: Parents, Watch out!

baby photographyWe just can’t stand the cuteness of this baby; look at that plump cheeks! Snap, snap, crop, and put them up on Facebook. Hashtag: cute baby, adorable baby, cuteness overload. Next thing we know, a mug filled with the face of this baby is being sold all over the world.

Isn’t that illegal? As illegal you might think it is, there are a lot of big sites where media is being posted frequently that allows such things to happen! Let us help you prevent this from happening with the pictures that you’ve invested so much in baby photography.

Stop posting things online

We know that it’s hard to not let the world know how cute your baby is, but that in itself poses a very dangerous situation for your little one! If you wish to monetize the pictures, you can do it in a place where privacy policy includes protecting the copyright of the users that post the pictures.

Did you know that Flickr once sells the pictures and did not share the revenue at all? That caused quite the uproar and drove photographers mad. Of course, the clause was taken down weeks later and they began to (finally) create a partnership with photographers to share the revenue.

Inform your photographer

The Internet can be a scary thing, especially when sites have little to no protection of privacy information and media such as pictures. Have you ever checked if your pictures are used for previews?

www.juliaandmia.com is a site that promotes baby photography among many others. They allow parents to inform them if they don’t want any kind of information from them (including pictures) to be used as part of their marketing strategies. Yes, always check with your photographer and tell them if you don’t wish to see your pictures posted without your consent.

Safety measures during photo shoot session

What about the safety measures at the set? Is your photographer so eager to get that amazing shoot that your baby is being put in danger? We’re mostly referring to the use of dangerous props, such as hanging beans or hammocks, without any proper measures.

Yeah, they can be very cute and we, sometimes, can’t stand the thought of not using it on your baby’s photography session. However, know that the danger and accidents that occur on the set are not rare. Before you sign any contract, always ask your photographer what kind of safety measures are done during various sessions.

Babies are not meant to stand, sit, or support things with their hands, including their own head. Their bones are still very fragile and will bend, fracture, or break as easy as breaking cookies. Always have yours or assistant’s hands holding them.

Keeping baby safe from unwanted exposure!

There are a lot of dangers surrounding your baby and it’s a good thing to know about them and prevent them. Reading things like this will help keep the baby safe from unwanted exposure to the public. Oftentimes, parents didn’t get to consider the risk of updating things about their kids and who get to see them.

It’s hard to catch people online, especially what that person is from across the world! Let’s keep the process from baby photography session to how we use the pictures safe!

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Should You Prepare a Long List of Shots You Want to See? Find out Why You Shouldn’t Really Bother

No doubt, your wedding day will be full of so many activities and breath-taking moments you don’t want to miss.

San Francisco wedding photographerYou know you won’t be everywhere all at the same time.  And so, you have been asked to prepare a list of shots your photographer has to take. In fact, to make it easier, there are numerous lists of that nature that will only require you to print them out, send them to your San Francisco wedding photographer or hand it over to him or her. Take a look at what a wedding list of shots can look like:

  • Prep shots of the bride and groom
  • The dress — hanging or draped
  • Bridesmaids, moms helping to get the bride dressed and accessorized
  • Bride getting hair and makeup done
  • Groom fixing his tie, suit, hair, etc.
  • Groom looking at his watch
  • Groom with his groomsmen and dads
  • Bride walking down the stairs, entering a room or being presented
  • Bride looking out of a window or a doorway
  • Bride with bridesmaids and moms
  • Bride with her mom and dad (and any other family members)
  • Groom with mom and dad (and any other family members)
  • Bride and groom — first look
  • Bride being helped into and out of the limo
  • Groom waiting at the altar or walking down the aisle)
  • Wide shot of the church, temple, etc. with guests and without guests
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Parents giving away the bride
  • Bride and groom exchanging vows
  • Bride and groom holding hands
  • Bride and groom kiss
  • Bride and groom exit as a married couple
  • Reception venue outside shot
  • Reception venue inside shots
  • Food shots of cocktail hour, drinks, any specials or extras
  • Shot of each table full of guests
  • Bride and groom portraits
  • Bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • First dance
  • Family dances
  • Speeches
  • Bouquet and garter toss
  • Cake cutting, bride and groom feeding each other
  • Guests dancing
  • Bride and groom dancing with guests

These lists can be really exhaustive even for the bride who prepares them…

…and I’m quite certain that you have not seen a photographer walk around, his camera in one hand, with a list on the other hand. My point is, every wedding is unique and should be treated that way. If every photographer follows a routine, photographs won’t have that alluring effect they have as everything will be basically the same.

Every San Francisco wedding photographer will and should approach each wedding differently. This is why the industry is full of unique results. Lists are good and preparing them can be worth it. But communicating with your photographer before the event is way better. It is important that you have a sit-down with your photographer and discuss at length all the shots you will like to have. What you need to do is to settle with a style of photography you like, discuss it with him or her, and let the magic happen. You will be surprised that he already knows the pictures to take. Having a lot of pictures to be taken, especially having them listed and expecting them to be followed, can stifle the photographer’s creativity. In Catie Coyle Photography we believe that creativity lies at being random.

If there is a list you should prepare, it should be a short one detailing the combinations of people you’d like for the family photos immediately after the ceremony, and any special gifts or sentimental elements of the day that you would like to capture – like a special seat set aside for your late grandad, or an heirloom piece that was gifted to you especially for your wedding day. Preparing long lists isn’t that necessary, as you will eventually find out.

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