Wedding Photographers Need To Start Doing This

Wedding photographers usually bring along an emergency wedding kit in preparation for any fashion emergencies.

wedding photography tipsWeddings really can be quite fraught with a bunch of different possible emergencies that can happen from the cake to the floral arrangements to the time everything starts, and so on and so forth. You need to figure out a way for you to be able to really prepare for things as much as possible. Some of these emergencies revolve around the possibility of fashion related ones and that is something that you will need to really take some precautions for in the first place.  Get an emergency kit together. You need nothing more than the most basic of elements. Get a bottle of stain remover together. There will always be possible wine spillages during weddings. You should also bring along some pins, some adhesive tape, and maybe even some props along the way. This kit doesn’t even have to leave your car unless the need for it pops up one way or the other but it is something that will really get to put your mind at ease in case something comes up in the process.

Smart wedding photographers always go through the motions to make sure that stuff like religion and political differences don’t get in the way of their job.

There are a lot of different religions in the world of the truth of the matter is that not all of those religions will always be in line with your religion or with any kind of faith that you may happen to believe in. this does not mean that you should let something like this get in the way of your line of work though. If you want to be professional as a wedding photographer, then you need to really open up your mind a little bit more and be a little bit more accepting of things and of other people’s views when it all comes down to it. Political differences and differences in religion will always be there but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it together and that you have to stop booking event altogether.

Make sure that the bridals are always being held together.

The bridals shoot is one of the most important parts of the wedding photo album that you are trying to get together at the end of the day and this is something that you should never ever skip. The more seasoned wedding photographers out there can somehow manage to have the bridals shoot as well as the wedding photo shoot all in the wedding day but when it all comes down to it, if you’re quite new to the craft, you really shouldn’t push it all too much. Keep them separate until you are able to run things pretty smoothly and until you have at least a few years’ worth of experience tucked under your belt.

Attend the rehearsal no matter what happens.

The rehearsal is the best venue for you to be able to get in touch with people that are in the inner circle of the wedding guest list so you really shouldn’t bail out on it and instead use it to your advantage.

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Guide To A Wedding Photographer And His Tripod

 Tripods work great for you as a wedding photographer when you just want to clear things up.

tripodIt can really help you out a lot as a wedding photographer if you don’t have to be all encumbered by having to hold the camera up all of the time. Sometimes, letting the tripod take responsibility for having to hold the camera for you really can help you clear your mind and instead let you focus more on coming up with the composition of the photos that you are trying to take for your wedding photography album. It really can help when you can just step back a little and think about all of the elements that you need to bring in to the photos. A tripod can really provide you that kind of luxury. And after all, posing with the weight of the camera in your hands all of the time can be a bit tiring because weddings can usually drag on for hours. Getting a tripod handy really can help you save your energy so that you will be able to last all throughout the rest of the event that you are covering.

A tripod can really work well for your wedding photography shoot especially when you are shooting in low light settings.

The issue with shooting your pictures with a low light setting is that the camera tends to shake a little when there isn’t enough light streaming into the camera sensor. If you continue to hold the camera by hand, it will tend to magnify the vibrations even more and might even lead you to get blurry pictures in the process. Blurry pictures are every wedding photographer’s nightmare and should be something that you should aim to avoid at all costs. A tripod can really support your camera and keep it steady for difficult light settings like these so it would be really smart if you can invest in one while you are shooting away in your wedding photography events. It might not really seem like much at first but you will eventually realize how useful a tripod can get. You will be asked to shoot in a lot of tricky light settings such as during nighttime or during sunsets or even inside dark cathedrals and churches and for this, you need to more or less come prepared all of the time.

Tripods are also sort of a requirement for the portraits section of wedding photography.

Shooting portraits will usually require you to keep the camera stock still and this is difficult for you to pull off if you need to hold the camera up all of the time. A tripod can really keep the camera as still and as stationary as possible enough for you to get the highest possible quality for your portraits.

A tripod has more than just one use for the wedding photographer.

You can use a tripod to hold up the camera but you can also use it for other things such as to hold up lighting stands, strobes, reflectors, and so on and so forth.

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How To Succeed In Wedding Photography

The only way to make wedding photography natural is to let things happen naturally.

wedding photographythat come out looking natural and candid are actually the hardest things to pull off in wedding photography. There are so many thought processes and efforts that come into anticipating them enough before they happen to the point wherein you will be able to click through just at the exact and right moment. Go with your planned itinerary by all means but it will not hurt your images if you let some unplanned events go through every once in a while. It will more or less bring in that human and natural aspect to the theme of the photos that you take.

Sticky tape saves the wedding photography event by all counts, when you come to think of it.

A lot of wedding tailors are not really that particular with the quality of the hemming that is being put in so hemming issues come along way more often than you would actually expect during a wedding photography shoot. It always helps to come in prepared and when it comes to this particular aspect, a little sticky tape on the side can really get to save the day if there are any hemming disasters that might happen. Sticky tape also works great for any risqué bust area fabrics that might flap off and end up revealing far more than they should have. This is a really small thing when you come to think of it but it is something that will really get to help you save a lot of time in case this happens during your wedding photo shoot.

Ask for a helper or a proxy from the bride for any wedding photography related questions.

This comes as no surprise but it is worth saying out loud anyway for good measure. The bride will not always be all that available during the wedding day. You have to understand that the entire event is pretty much built around the bride and the groom so you can bank on the expectation that they will almost always be swarmed by people all throughout the event. You will not exactly be able to sign things off to them even if you would like to. This is where the proxy steps in. that person will make all of the on the spot decisions that the bride is not available to make. Get to know the proxy person ahead of time to avoid any troubles.

Schedule a bride and groom wedding photography shoot separately.

The wedding day is one of the busiest and one of the craziest days there is so you can be quite rest assured of the fact that the couple’s shoot will not fit into such a jam packed day. Schedule it before the wedding instead and save yourself all of the pressure and all of the trouble. You will also be taking quite a load off of the couple who are about to be wed if you schedule their couple’s shoot differently as well.

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Wedding Photography: Tripod Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Don’t settle for a flimsy and cheap tripod.

tripod tips and tricksYou will be putting your wedding photography gear at risk. It is quite understandable that money is a bit of an issue for the newcomers in the niche of wedding photography. After all, when it all comes down to it, you might have been spending all your money on your primary and secondary camera. Those alone area already pretty much worth a king’s ransom and that is why you will need to be really careful with how you handle your finances to begin with. Although it may be true that money can be quite a bit of stretch so you are probably thinking that buying a cheap and flimsy tripod may seem like a pretty good idea but what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that it’s not.

Buying a cheap and flimsy tripod is a terrible idea and it is something that you will really get to regret when it all comes down to it. A flimsy tripod puts your photography gear at risk by providing it with a platform that is not stable enough to really hold it up all throughout the duration of your wedding photography shoot. It is something that you will need to make sure you avoid at all times. If you do not have enough money yet to get a tripod, then don’t buy one just yet. Borrow one from people you know. You can rent one out as well if you can’t find anything to borrow.

Always bring your tripod with you, do not leave it behind when you have a wedding photography shoot.

Now that you have actually pooled enough of your resources to actually get a tripod at some point or so, at least go through the motions of actually using it and bringing it around with you during your wedding photography shoots. If the issue of having to lug it around with you is a bit of a hassle for you, then perhaps it would be best if you go for something that is more or less built for mobility or easy transport. Sure, it may cost you something a little more than the usual but when it all comes down to it, it will be worth the few extra dollars that you put in because you will actually be able to use it.

Do not extend the center column of the tripod if you need the extra height.

What a lot of wedding photographers do not understand is the fact that the center column is the weakest spot of the tripod. it is something that you should not mess around with as much as possible. If you find yourself needing the extra height for your camera, then extend the legs of the tripod all the way out first. This is what you should be maxing out and not the center column. The center column tends to be a bit unsteady and just critically risky so you might as well veer away from it all together.

Balance your tripod out with weights.

Your tripod can topple over because of the length lenses that you will be using. Balance it out with some weights. Helpful tip, your camera bag can double over as a tripod weight.

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